When I Suddenly Decide to Visit Italy

Every person is searching for that particular place, where they can switch off for a while. A place, where you can leave every single negative thought behind along with your problems. Everything that connects you to your hectic every day. Well, when I was searching for that particular place in Guildford, I wasn’t expecting to find a little Italy in the big England.

Oh, god! I just can’t express to you how much I love Italian food! I remember, when me and my boyfriend visited my sister for a holiday, we made such huge pot of Spaghetti Bolognese, we were eating it for a whole week. Just couldn’t get enough of it! But when it comes to Italian cuisine, one of my favourite dishes is Lasagna. I’m pretty sure, I love it even more than Garfield himself, haha!


New Year – New Experience

In the beginning of this year, I moved to Guildford to start a brand new, blank paper with the pen in my hand – yeah, literarily. This is where I personally met with my boyfriend and we live together ever since then.

One day, we were thinking about a new activity to do in our free time, but different from visiting cinemas and playing on the computer. We wanted to do something together to boost our time making it more valuable. Then we decided to visit every restaurant in town day by day, since both of us like dining out and open for new experience. Our first – and last – choice was Positano Ristorante, the hidden Italian treasure right through the large gate of Tunsgate Hall from High Street.


The Entrance of Positano Restaurant

It was a sunny summer day when we first gave a visit to this wonderful place, so even the weather itself was we were walking on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea – absolutely not the typical, rainy English one, thank god! So, when we entered we were greeted by a friendly and warm welcoming staff. Since we’ve booked a table before our arrival, they reserved a nice, quiet, romantic table for the two of us.


The Arrival…

As we’ve looked around it was clear that our table was the best for a lovely get-together. The setting of the tables is really close to fine dining, but it’s still not that, for this reason you won’t feel self-conscious and you can be at ease during your stay. We had nice chat about the style of Positano with one of the owners, Mimmo, who gives us a warm, family-like greeting every time we go for a meal. He told us, they are on the edge of fine dining, but they would like to keep it somewhat casual, since they can also keep the atmosphere of the friendly, ‘Italian family meal’ within the white painted walls. In my opinion, they somehow combine that ‘Italian family meal’ with elegance and professionalism which comes easily with the flow. Speaking of the decoration, you can see candles on every table and even on some shelves, which are lit every evening, accompanying with the antique looking lights, filling up the ambience with warmth and romance. It’s really interesting that on the inside you can see a typical British house, if you have a look at the base design of the building with the dark, wooden beams and the partly brick walls. It must have been suitable for a pub most likely. But somehow Positano managed to redecorate the whole place so amazingly, you even forget you’re in England.


The View from The Bar

Ready to Wander Around

Right afterwards we were given the Wine Menu and the Meal Menu as well, it was followed by a nice recommendation of wine and today’s specialities by our Italian server – yes, all of the staff are Italian and you’ll love the accent in your ears while they’re talking to you about the must try offers.


A Warming Fire Next to A Table for Two


The View from a Romantic Corner

So, on our first visit we were offered – and convinced to choose – a bottle of Sasseo Salento, a full body red wine with a soft, warm, mouth-filling flavour with a highly mature fruitiness to accompany our copious, mouth-watering starter platter we shared, our mains and desserts. Everything was so amazing! I wrote a review straight away on TripAdvisor as we got home from Positano – I may have been a little bit mesmerised by my dear, new friend, Sasseo Salento, but even now I wouldn’t change a word in my review of Positano Ristorante and it came from the heart. 🙂 You can see the details about our dinner right below and also our review on TripAdvisor:


“Dear Team of Positano,

We have visited you this evening and just cannot express how thankful we are for your kind and welcoming hosting.

We have started our dinner with Antipasto Misto platter and it was wonderful! The Parma Ham, Italian salamis, buffalo mozzarella and the crostini bread was an amazing choice to start our evening with! For the main course, we have ordered Spaghetti Bolognese – classic and traditional! – and Filetto Al Crudo Di Parma. The first one, full of Bolognese sauce, so delicious! And the basil and the Parmezan cheese on the top… Pure Italian and Fantastico! About the second one, which was a steak, well, I, Diana have never ever tasted a steak before, but the way the flavour melted in my mouth… I was just speechless. We cannot even express how delicious it was in our own language! Oh, and we have asked for your recommendation for a red wine which would match with these mains and a bottle of Sasseo Salento did make the picture whole and Perfecto! As for the dessert, we have ordered Today’s Special Dessert – we cannot remember the name of it, sorry – and an Italian Cheese Platter. This was the best way to finish our dinner along with the little chat with you, the staff.

As for the service, it was really friendly and 5*. We do not know how, but you managed to combine the formal, professional restaurant service with the warm and welcoming “Italian family dinner” attitude. So, it felt like we were among friends, but on the other hand, we were served in an elegant and professional way.

To sum it up, we have visited Italy for a few hours. We even forgot we were in England.

So, thank you for the dinner, guys! And so for the Limoncello after our supper. We will return to you soon! 🙂


Diana & Szabi”


See You in Italy Again!

And we did return soon afterwards. Above all these, Positano also has delicious options for vegetarians! This is really important to me, because since I’ve moved to Bournemouth I’ve promised myself I become vegetarian. However, I’m not sure about the opportunities for vegans and for people with gluten free diet, but I’m pretty sure it’s worth asking a question from the staff, who would love to answer. On the other hand, I would definitely recommend this dear restaurant for romantic dinners, dates, family gatherings, but in my opinion, it’s also worth organising a wedding dinner here or even business meetings. You can easily make a reservation online or call them via phone and you’ll instantly receive a confirmation about your booking. Here you can take action: Positano Ristorante Guildford


The Stairs to Italy

I truly believe, you understand now why Positano Ristorante Guildford was the first and last restaurant for me and my partner to visit. Okay, there was one time, we went for a hamburger to another restaurant but I promise, that’s all! You’ll get so fascinated and mesmerised by the ‘Atmosfera Italiana’ you’ll return for sure, I guarantee it! Once you walk through the welcoming red door, leave everything behind. The time you spend here is all yours. Walk up the stairs, sit down to your table and enjoy your holiday in Italy.

Grazie mille! 🙂

P.S.: Sorry for not making pictures about the meals but they were so nice looking, we already started eating when taking a picture came to our mind…


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5 thoughts on “When I Suddenly Decide to Visit Italy

  1. Kriszti

    Well done! Amazing !!!

    1. dornyaid

      Thank you very much! 😊

  2. Kata

    Really nice one, Dia! 😉 The owner must be jumping for joy that someone wrote such a detailed gastro critic of his restaurant!
    Just one thing 😀 … that “perfecto” is rather “perfetto”, and if you want to say that their food was lovely, tell them it was “ottimo”! 😉 😛
    Btw, Dia, the nicest part for me was that you have decided to become vegetarian! :*
    Keep writing!

    1. dornyaid

      Thank you so much for your feedback, Kata! 🙂 I didn’t know about the “perfetto”, but now I know this one as well, haha! 😀 About the vegetarianism, I’m doing so far so well! I’m surprised that somehow I don’t even have the hunger for meat. I hope to continue like this! 🙂 Thank you for your kind support! :* 🙂

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