The Truth About Vegetarian Diet

In today’s world, the idea of following a vegetarian diet is spreading widely between people because of its healthy benefits. However, a lot of people cannot agree with a diet without meat. They claim, a human being needs to consume animal protein to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Being A Vegetarian in Different Countries

As you may know, I’ve been following a vegetarian diet for a while now – you can read why I’ve become a vegetarian in my previous post. It all began in the UK and now I moved back to Hungary for a while. After living in both places, I’ve learned a bit about the attitude of the two countries towards vegetarianism and it’s quite different. In England, when you enter a shop and check the products whether they’re appropriate for your vegetarian diet, you can see most of them labelled ‘Suitable for Vegetarians’ – if they really are. In Hungary, I met with a few products from Aldi that guide you with a similar sign through your shopping, but altogether, this guidance is not yet a fashion in my home country, unfortunately. The same thing with restaurants: in the UK, you won’t have any problem finding a vegetarian option when browsing the menu. In Hungary, well, you need a bit more time to find something plant based – if you’re lucky.



People & Vegetarians

The other thing you may experience is what people think of vegetarianism and how they handle a vegetarian person. In the UK, it’s an everyday thing, so people are more willing to accept this way of life, in my experience. In Hungary, I got into some strange and funny situations at the same time, like when you visit your partner’s grandparents in the country and they serve bean soup with trotters cooked in it but they kindly took them out for you after cooking. It was funny, really! However, in that case I knew, I needed to be the one to handle the situation properly as those people were unfamiliar with this way of life. They – and a lot of other people – eat meat, and we vegetarians must accept and respect this way of life, so we can also receive a similar attitude towards our lifestyle.



Be Nice & Loving with Others

On the other hand, I also met vegetarians who spread their way of thinking with foaming mouth and put a curse on you if you eat meat, because you take part in ‘slaughtering’ animals. This is definitely NOT the way… If you wish to spread the word and lifestyle of vegetarianism, do it with love and acceptance. Accusing and horrifying people won’t bring any solution. In fact, it will only make space for a greater resistance.



TOP 5 Reasons Out of The Countless

I’ve browsed the world and collected a few information for you to help you decide, whether it’s personally good for you too to walk on the road of herbivores. So, let’s see some of the countless benefits a balanced vegetarian diet can give you.


1) Protects You from Cancer

Following a balanced diet based on lot of vegetables and fruits help your body reduce the risk of cancer. Proven researches show, people who commit to a vegetarian diet tend to have lower chances of having the infamous disease. Thank your life for the tomato and its friends in your fridge! Amen!


2) Loves & Cares for Your Heart

As vegetarian people naturally tend to have lower cholesterol and saturated fat in their diet, they’re more protected against heart diseases, other cardiovascular illnesses like high blood pressure, and less likely to become obese, which multiplies your odds in this case. Love and care for your heart as it’s been working within your body without any break even before you were born!


3) Makes You Lose Weight & Keeps It Off

As I’ve mentioned before, people who live by a balanced (!) vegetarian diet tend to nurture their body with valuable nutrients and stay slim. I put the tone on balanced for a reason. If you stuff yourself with meat-free cheesecake, sweets, white bread and other little devil-like foods, you get fat – sorry, no sorry. This is that simple. It’s okay to have a small bar of chocolate once in a while, but you can’t get much of useful nutrients for your body nor keep yourself satiated. Quit counting the calories and pay more attention to the quality and quantity of your meals instead.


4) The True Love Towards Animals

One day, I was browsing all the cute animal stuff on 9GAG which has every kind of posts about dogs, cats, cows, pigs, turkeys, whatever you want, and I was like, ‘Aww, I love these cute creatures so much!’. Then I started thinking: do I really mean this love? I mean, I say ‘Oh what a cute little cow!’ then I have a steak for dinner? Nah… It was just not right for me to say ‘I love animals’ when I take them out of my fridge in a form about which I can’t even tell it was an animal once. Being a vegetarian, I can say out loud without any hesitations: I really love you, guys!


5) The Delicious, Colourful Cuisine of The Vegetarian World

When I was a meat-eater, I had this picture in my head about vegetarianism being out of options, and I hated restricting myself from wide range of choices. Now I know, a vegetarian diet offers your MORE variations as you become more creative by haunting those delicious recipes on Pinterest – my sacred place when searching for meal ideas. You’ll also learn about how you can substitute meat in some of your favourite dishes you love so much. For example, my favourite meal was Lasagne Bolognese which has beef in it – in better places –, now I know what vegetables I should use to keep this love. On the other hand, I was already a vegetarian when I first met with a plate of Penne all’ Arrabbiata… OMG, it was love at first taste! As I love spicy food so much, I may eat this pasta dish with a bit – lot – more chillies than the recipe says, but what can I do? Chillies have their own health benefits as well and I love the burning flavour!


Above Everything: Find Your Balance

Altogether, being vegetarian is healthy IF you follow a balanced diet and won’t stuff your face with unnecessary, low quality food in a high quantity – even though they’re meat-free. Such a vegetarian diet can be unhealthy like a non-vegetarian one as well. However, if you value your body and won’t fuel it with shitty food, then both lifestyles can be life changing. The main thing is to maintain a conscious diet rich values. I don’t want to convince anyone to become a vegetarian. Maybe vegetarianism is not even the best for someone, for example when you force it, struggle and feel stressed. Simply doesn’t worth it. Just find your balance in your way of eating and lifestyle. That’s the best choice for you! 🙂



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