The Tiny Beating Heart of Europe – Budapest

A small, hidden place in the central of Europe. Some people don’t even know, where to find or search for it. Some of them mix it up with another city whose name sounds similar. Now, it is time to find the tiny beating heart of Europe!




Budapest is the capital of Hungary and the place I’m originally from. It offers an enormous number of facilities both for the young and the elder. Just by walking down the quay of the River Danube, there are a lot of things to see, including the House of ParliamentBuda Castle, Liberty Statue along with the whole Citadel, Gellért Spa & Bath, and I didn’t even mention the various of the magnificent bridges connecting the two parts of the capital: Buda and Pest.


Gellért Spa – The Water of Life

Starting on the left side, Buda, we can find the mentioned Gellért Spa & Bath which is a great treasure for those who are deeply in love with the feeling and experience of spa and wellness. The thermal water flowing in the pools of Gellért provides us its several healing benefits including calming the overstrained nervous system, relieving stress, easing skin diseases, it can also retrieve us from pain, and many other positive effects to make our body, mind and soul relaxed. Since Gellért also offers accommodation facilities, we can sleep out the rest after our balancing bath.


Gellért Spa & Bath

On the Top of Gellért Hill

After drying ourselves, we can go up the Gellért Hill to visit the Citadel, offering a marvellous view and the famous Hungarian monument, the Liberty Statue – a lady made of copper holding a palm leaf which symbolises freedom. From the top of the Citadel, we can have a look at the House of Parliament on the Pest side and the various bridges designed in different styles, crossing the River Danube.




Feast Yourself!

When we get hungry after our long sightseeing, it will be a pleasure to visit my favourite restaurant, the medieval style Sir Lancelot Knights Restaurant in District VI., Pest. Here you will feel like you have flown back in time where knights fought with each other to win a lady’s heart. And yes, you can experience these fights along with the serenades to lucky ladies, within the company of a fire-eater and dancers, mesmerising and playing with your mind. In this place, we can also forget the phrases ‘formality’ and ‘fine dining’ outside the street after our trip, since you will not be given any cutleries to use during your meal, except your own hands. So, do not hesitate to grab your jug full of beer with your smeary hands. And at the end of your meal, a shot of traditional Pálinka is a must have Hungarian spirit to help digesting our dinner. After finishing our evening, we can go back to the already familiar Gellért Hotel to have a quick daydream about our day before a deep sleep.


A Platter of Feast Ready to Serve

The World of Ruin Pubs

For the young ones who like to be mesmerised by the joy of alcohol, our well-know and unique ruin pubs are must visit places! You guys can even organise a tour to visit all of them, but I warn you! It’s not easy to finish… One of my favourite ruin pubs is Andersen Pub in District VIII., Pest. A lot of memories connect me to this place with my friends – there’re some I was told in the next morning while I had the greatest headache – but finally, I’ve learned my limits. I remember, we did all the ‘foundations’ before every party at this place. Yeah, we had a reeeeeealy nice time.


Andersen Pub

Important notice! For a foreigner – for example an English person –, the drinks in Hungarian ruin pubs are pretty cheap, but they’re strong! So, be careful and know your limits!

The second pub became my favourite when I visited back home from England this year at the end of September. Krak’n Town is a steampunk designed, English style pub also in District VIII., Pest, which for me somehow connected the two countries where I lived so far.


The Ground Floor Of Krak’n Town


Just a Steampunk Octopus Above You

It has various unique, crafted beers to serve and you can even enjoy a delicious sirloin steak to eat, followed by a mind-blowing cheese cake. And you’ll find yourself within the hands of an excellent customer service. I’m going to tell the truth: this one is actually fighting with customer service excellence of my favourite Italian restaurant. The guys regularly do a check-back if everything’s fine and whether you’re fancy for a next round of drinks. Tasty drinks, delicious food, awesome service, must go, must try!


You Can Also Try Some Fancy Glasses On 🙂

So, Krak’n Town was a love at first sight and we agreed with my friends to go there again when my partner and I give a visit back home next time – we hope, it’ll be sooner than we think.

There’re many more to visit and experience in Budapest, you can’t even imagine! The hills give opportunity to lot of vineyards to grow and harvest delicious, juicy grapes for their unique wines. These culinary drinks can be introduced to us during a memorable wine tour, where we can also participate in a mouth-watering tasting. Or you can befriend with some Hungarians who’ll offer you some Pálinka, I’ve mentioned before. It’s an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed if life gives it to you in a fancy shot glass! You can’t even say you visited Hungary, if you didn’t drink a proper homemade – we Hungarians call it ‘házi’ – Pálinka. So, ‘Cheers! / Egészségedre!’

Have you ever been to Budapest or somewhere in Hungary before? Have you visited any of the places I mentioned above? Or did you visit some I didn’t even mention in this blog post? How was it? When will you buy your plane ticket to Budapest, hmm?

Budapest. So many places, so many things to do for so many different people. Just think Hungary. It’s more than expected…


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