How to Make Healthy Popcorn

I got pretty tired of unhealthy snacks prepared with ingredients I have a hard time to even pronounce. To be honest, I don’t really know what most of them are made of. Does this sound similar to you? Then I have an easy-to-prepare yet healthy treat for you to crunch on!

I love to have some snacks during an exciting movie at home. And when it comes to an occasion like this the first thing that comes into our mind is POPCORN! I just love the simple, traditional, salty popcorn! There’s nothing else I need for a Netflix and Chill. Or is there?… Joking. You can find several kinds of popping corns in the stores that can be prepared in a microwave at home. I used to eat one of those until, just out of curiosity, I cut the paper where the corn kernels were hiding to peek inside. I don’t even know what I’ve seen but looked disgusting, like some seeds mixed with a mass of animal fat. So, it’s a total no for me since then. Afterwards, I decided to buy only a pack of corn kernels and combine it with my beloved extra virgin olive oil and Himalayan salt. You can find the recipe below:



  • Corn Kernels
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Coconut Oil



  1. Put 1 tbsp. of olive oil or coconut oil in a pot and start heating it on a medium level – on my electric hob it’s level 4-5.
  2. Check the temperature of the oil by putting a kitchen spoon into it. If you can see small bubbles around the spoon, the temperature should be fine. Add some salt for seasoning by your taste – I like to use Himalayan salt or sea salt.
  3. Pour app. 50 grams of corn kernels into the pot and cover it with a see-through lid. If you wait for a few seconds, you’ll hear the corn kernels popping. Start shaking the pot like an enthusiastic Thai chef does the wok.
  4. When you hear the popping quieting down and the time between two pops getting longer, pull the pot aside and turn off your hob.
  5. Wait 10 seconds for little cool down then pour your homemade, healthy popcorns into a big bowl and enjoy your snack next to a great movie!

I love this homemade snack of mine during a nice movie in the evening. It even tastes better than the one prepared in the microwave and I know what I eat. So, it’s a sure thing for me. I hope, you’ll love this tasty treat too and share your experience with me. If you have any other healthy snacks you tried and love, I’d be more than happy to receive your recipe! Thank you!


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