How I Have Become a Vegetarian

At least once everybody’s reached a point in their life when you felt you need some changes and must do something to make it a real thing. Maybe it’s because there’s a long period of ‘bad luck’ going on in your life and you want to put an end to that. Or probably you’ve seen something you can totally resonate with and it motivates you to take a huge step forward. Like me to become a vegetarian.


Before My Decision

It’s been 2 months since I decided to become a vegetarian. When this came out of my mind I thought, it’ll be extremely difficult. As a child, I was raised on meat. Seriously, my family loved fatty, oily meals with meat and they didn’t really follow a healthy diet nor a way of life. Next to my family’s taste there was another thing: we’re Hungarians. So, we have our own nationality’s traditions along with its cuisine, which has a lot of dishes full of meat, burned into me as a habit and was also against my decision.


The Beginning of The Change

My vegetarianism started with my love towards animals. I’ve always had a pleasant feeling when I was nearby a dog and petting it or watching a video about cute otters playing and having fun. Once a similar video on Facebook caught my eyes. It was about older, milking cows that saw fresh green grass for the first time in their life. It has really moved me. What’s happiness if not this? After the video has ended, I started thinking: what’s the difference between a dog or a cow, a cat or a pig, or a parrot and a chicken? What’s the difference between an animal and a human being?


All of these creatures are living and have feelings like us. Just remember the cows being so happy in the video I showed you! Deep in my heart I felt, I’d have more peace within my soul if I at least give it a try to follow the vegetarian lifestyle.


So, What’s with The Plants?

Now, you can say, ‘Okay, but plants are also living things. So, you’re going to eat those poor little carrots outside in your garden along with the scared-to-death tomatoes next to them?’. And I understand your point. Maybe the best thing would be if we can gain all of our energies from the sun, but unfortunately, that’s not possible. And it may sound somewhat strange, but I consider a cow a more of living creature than an eggplant. I’ve heard from Kino MacGregor, who really inspires me both in yoga and vegetarian lifestyle, she says in one of her videos that the most innocent food is the fallen fruit, since it’s given freely the tree decided to let it go, it gave it to you for the purpose of feeding and planting its seeds. How true.




Was It Hard to Become Vegetarian?

For my biggest surprise, it wasn’t. In one of my previous post, I detailed how much I love lasagna. But for some reason it was easy for me to give up on it. I mean hey, a didn’t even need to give up on lasagna itself, just the meat in it. I can still eat the whole meal replacing the meat with vegetables or more tomato sauce and there are other delicious vegetarian options for a tasty lasagna. However, it’s still my 3 months for me of being vegetarian, so I don’t know if the future holds any withdrawal symptoms for me, but I’m pretty sure I’ll defeat those. I know why I do this and I’m too stubborn to give up on any of my decisions – boyfriend confirms. On the other hand, there are several kinds of vegetarian lifestyles. There are people who eat fish only, but avoid dairy products, even eggs, some eat the last two but eat nothing with a face etc. Personally, I choose to eat dairy products but I avoid fish and eggs.


Is That Really Meat What You Eat??

Have you ever checked or simply thought about what’s in your hamburger? Or how did that chicken breast get into that foiled pack? I’ve also searched for these through the web. A side of mine was relieved, since it was another confirmation I turned on the path which is right for me. But my other side was terrified… I could never imagine before how animals are kept on these huge, crowded farms and what they’re fed with to grow bigger and bigger as fast as possible. Have you seen that nice-looking chicken in the supermarket? (Most of) those are genetically modified and that’s the reason they look so huge and teasing for the eye in the foiled pack. What would be your reaction if someone told you, the ground beef you want to buy for the family dinner spaghetti Bolognese is made from pink slime? Sounds ‘delicious’? And we didn’t even talk about the torture process the animals go through until they end up on the self…


Just Think About Yourself

I don’t want to push this on you to become vegetarian, no. This is just the path I chose along with some other people. It doesn’t need to be your road to walk. This is simply my opinion which may trigger you or maybe not. What I’d like you to consider is to think about yourself! Think about your health. You don’t even need to give up on meat. You can start by looking for organic options which can help you to follow a healthy diet. Where you can meet with real meat and lean back calmly, because you know what you really eat.

On the other hand, if I managed to put a bug into your head with this post of mine, I’m more than happy to talk with you about it! If you’re already a vegetarian, I’d love to read about your story! How did you become a vegetarian? How long have you been following this lifestyle? What made you choose to be one and what motivates you to keep up like this? Let me know! And also, don’t forget to share your delicious recipes with me please! You can check the recipes I found on my Pinterest. If you try any of those please let me know how did you like it! Thank you! 🙂


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