Healing with Acupressure

In today’s world it’s common for us to experience stress in most parts of our life which may cause tension and pain. Most of us go and tear up a box of painkillers to be freed from the suffering as soon as possible. However, thinking of what ingredients a single pill can have, it’s better to consider an alternate and natural solution before swallowing a handful of paracetamol.

The history of acupressure goes back to Asia where it was developed more than 5,000 years ago. It was quite a long time ago, wasn’t it? Though, it’s still as effective like at that time. During acupressure we use the hands to transfer healing energies to the affected area by putting a constant pressure on specific points. These points are rooted in the energy channels of our body, which are called meridians. As a result, acupressure relieves us from stress, tension and pain, makes us feel relaxed, healthier, gives energy and develops circulation and spirituality.

Personally, I hardly ever take medicines. Sometimes, once in a month when my period is really killing me, I grab an Ibuprofen which totally knocks me out. Seriously, I never ever did drugs, but I can imagine what it’s like after taking a pill of Ibuprofen: my body goes numb, my reaction slows down, and eventually I fall asleep. Anyway, next to drinking yarrow tea, recently I started using acupressure treatment for my period cramps and I can feel the positive effects. I still need to learn and work on my technic as I’m not a professional therapist, but even with this basic knowledge I was able to make the pain almost completely disappear. In addition, I can also practise developing my powers on my boyfriend as well. His experience was quite interesting as he was sceptical about such healing methods, but when I managed to make his headache, heartburn and stomach pain go away by putting pressure on his different body points, he couldn’t believe it worked. Now, when something hurts, he asks me to deal it with the acupressure way in the first place. A personal advice that appeals to the person who does the acupressure treatment: I experienced the result to be faster and more effective when staying calm and focused on giving energy. You shouldn’t give someone this kind of treatment when you’re deeply frustrated, stressed or in pain. You cannot give food to someone when your hands are empty too. It may sound hard at first but try meditating a bit first. When you’re stressed just give yourself a few moments to get yourself together a bit: find a comfortable place and position, close your eyes and meditate a bit. After calming down, you can start the acupressure treatment, either on yourself or someone else.

PointFinder is the website I use to find the right points for each problem. It’s perfectly detailed and easy to use. You can search for body areas or the diseases from A-Z and some instruction with additional information are also included for better results.

*NOTE!* As I’m neither a professional, therapist or a doctor, I wouldn’t recommend banishing medicines from your life. Sometimes, we do need them, and we need to recognise those occasions in time. What I say is that pills should not always be the first solution to reach out for.

Anyway, I hope deeply from my heart I was able to share something with you that adds more value to your life and helps you – or your loved ones – in certain situations. I wish you a happy, beautiful, balanced life! 🙂


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