Goodbye, England! Welcome…

2 months have already passed in this year and I feel like I’m just moving around aimlessly and can’t find my place in England anymore. It’s already enough of this inactivity and time to do some progress over here! No, not exactly here… somewhere else… in a new city… new country… – Let’s seize the time left of this year and move abroad again!


Sorry, but we need to break up…

I’ve already mentioned before in My Travel Bucket List #5 post that I can’t sit on my butt anymore – again. As the time passes by, my wanderlust and desire for change is reaching higher and higher within me. I’ve spent more than a year in England and this amount of time was more than enough for me to get familiar with the fact: we’re not made for each other.




I also realised that I was trying to settle down – you know, find a job, get a flat, decorate the whole place your way, etc. But why would I want to do that when I feel deep within my veins I need to see a lot of new and different places, more of the world than I have seen so far? And why would I even want to settle down in a country where I don’t feel myself happy enough? It’s such a waste of time. And last but not least: I’m sorry England but you aren’t making me wet the way I would may even enjoy it – no offence. So…


“Dear England,

I’d like to thank you for everything you gave me during my stay.

I’m more than grateful for all those happy moments and experience you shared with me during this time, and I’d also like to say thank you for all the lessons you thought me. I’ll carry this knowledge with myself forever.

Through this time, I believe both of us had enough time to realize, it’s time to move on and say goodbye to each other.

With Great Love & Gratefulness,



¡Vamos! – ¿Vamos?

We’ve been through a few brainstorming sessions with my boyfriend, Szabi and we thought that Spain can be a next destination. We’ve been in Málaga last summer on holiday and we loved the whole Andalusian atmosphere. But the thing is, we were thinking a lot on doing a seasonal work over there, but didn’t really have that ‘That’s the one!’ feeling and we weren’t excited about it either.


Málaga, Spain

Let’s Chill Down a Bit and Make It Cool!

We have a close childhood friend, Roland who’s the definition of being a life artist in my opinion. He just looks on the world map and chooses a tempting country of his taste or simply one pops into his head and the next thing see is he just bought the plane ticket there. He’s been to so many places, and as a photographer he always takes beautiful pictures. You can check out Roland’s Instagram and also his YouTube channel as he recently started doing a vlog too, he wanted for a long time.


✨ Roland being fabulous as always ✨

It’s Sunday morning… and I need to go to work. So, I’m not very excited about getting out of the bed. I woke up earlier since I wanted to do yoga, but in the end I postponed it till afternoon. However, I couldn’t fall asleep again, so I started making my morning matcha tea as always. At that moment, Roland texted me on Facebook and we started a video call right after a few minutes. Just to let you know, he’s in Indonesia now on his 2-month vacation having the time of his life. Therefore, I wasn’t surprised when I saw him happily splashing in a swimming pool but was envying him much more. Like you know, while I can place my bet on whether I get soaked in the rain or blown away by the wind in Bournemouth, he plays in the pool like a baby seal with the least concern in life on the other side of the world.

After discussing our current situation, we started talking about Szabi’s and my plans like we’ve been thinking about going to Spain for this summer season to make some changes in our lives, save some money, and of course explore the new country. However, as I’ve mentioned before, neither of us was honestly excited about the thought. It felt kind of unreal and not right for us to go there now.

After this moment, Roland said: ‘Well, I’ve been thinking on going back to Iceland but I don’t feel like going alone. What do you guys say? Wanna come?’.

This was a trigger! Szabi was also awake at this moment so both of us could listen to Roland’s tempting words. He told us all the positive experience he had over there during the past 1.5 years. Like when he was in Iceland, he had the feeling for the first time that he can achieve anything and go anywhere from there. He’s travelled around the whole island, seen the northern lights and geysers, bathed in the hot springs and many more we missed in our lives. Also, he mentioned how friendly and carefree the people are there.






Literarily, the only thing that seems negative is the freaking cold, nothing else. But so, what? If we catch a cold then we do the same like we did in the rainy England: make some herbal tea and vegetable soup, get well, then life goes on!

Right now, it seems we need to buy some warm winter hats and scarves – plus a new luggage for me since the current one has lost its wheels somewhere a long time ago…

And now that we mentioned the new luggage, buying two flight tickets wouldn’t be a bad idea either…


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