Healing with Acupressure

In today’s world it’s common for us to experience stress in most parts of our life which may cause tension
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… to the things we don’t want! Together! I’ve met with a lot of people recently and in the past who
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The Yogasana Yoga Mat Review

Finding the perfect yoga mat for yourself is like finding the perfect love partner in life: you go out there,
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The Truth About Vegetarian Diet

In today’s world, the idea of following a vegetarian diet is spreading widely between people because of its healthy benefits.
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How to Pack for Moving Out / Abroad / On

Every time when we travel somewhere for a while, we need to pack all the necessary belongings we may need. But there’s always something we forget to put into our luggage and we may need to deal with some headaches because of this. It’s time to start getting organized for my moving out from the UK, on with my life, and abroad to Iceland!
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Goodbye, England! Welcome…

2 months have already passed in this year and I feel like I’m just moving around aimlessly in one place.! It’s already enough of this inactivity and time to do some progress over here! No, not exactly here… somewhere else… in a new city… new country… – Let’s seize the time left of this year and move abroad again!
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Fall in Love with The Mornings: Drink Matcha Tea!

You probably heard that ‘Coffee is life!’. Well, for me it’s matcha tea! I just can’t explain to you how much I love it! It takes place as a very important part in my morning ritual every single day and made me fall in love with the mornings.
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My Travel Bucket List #5

A lot of us has the feeling of wanderlust like ‘I’ve seen this ad at a travel agency about this amazing place, I need to go there!’ or ‘I read so much about this country since I was young and I want to see it with my own eyes!’. Oh, yeah… see, hear, smell, touch, feel – experience the whole the journey!
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How to Make Healthy Popcorn

I got pretty tired of unhealthy snack prepared with ingredients I have a hard time to even pronounce. To be honest, I don’t really know what most of them are made of. Does this sound similar to you? Then I have an easy-to -prepare yet healthy treat for you to crunch on!
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How I Have Become a Vegetarian

At least once everybody’s reached a point in their life when you felt you need some changes and must do something to make it a real thing. Maybe it’s because there’s a long period of ‘bad luck’ going on in your life and you want to put an end to that. Or probably you’ve seen something you can totally resonate with and it motivates you to take a huge step forward. Like me.
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