Diana Dornyai

Creator of Wandering Mindfulness


🕉️ Yogini 🕉️
🌶️ Spicy Vegetarian Food Lover 🌶️
🍵 Tea Addict 🍵
🌍 Travel Maniac 🌏

I’ve been thinking a lot during my life about what shall I do that can create a passion within me and make me happy. It’s been years since I knew, I want to create something of my own.

A few years ago, a dear friend of mine showed me yoga and its purposes while she was doing her yoga teacher training. It was very interesting for me on that occasion, but I couldn’t bother doing it on a long term. Afterwards, I changed countries, moved from one place to another but couldn’t find my own that I can call “Home” – I’m still looking for it, though. In those stressful and depressing times, somehow yoga returned into my life. I remember, me and my partner were struggling with money and we couldn’t afford paying for yoga classes next to our expenses, but I wanted to do yoga, so I started learning ashtanga yoga by watching YouTube videos from Kino MacGregor. Besides, I still had the idea of creating my own business but just didn’t have the idea of how. I knew, I wanted something creative, something that can be varied from time to time and it must be within my interest of course. This is how I created Wandering Mindfulness as a blog about yoga, vegetarianism and travel in the first place. Shortly, another moving came to Hungary, and after a few months, back to the UK again. I always say that I’m still looking for my Home as I haven’t found it in any of these two countries, but at least, I already have an idea and can see my goals taking a form in front of me. I truly believe, yoga helped me in looking at certain situations differently since we have hard times both with life and some asanas. Sometimes everything goes well and so easy to do a certain posture, but also there are days when I don’t even feel like stepping on my mat. Often, we just need to let things go and believe: it’s enough what we did for today, it’s enough where we are right now. After settling into the UK again, I shortly realised that Wandering Mindfulness won’t work as a blog. At first, I was motivated for writing, but then I slowly realised, I was forcing it. I knew when something “needs to be” forced, it will give you sadness and disappointment, both in your idea and yourself. When I opened up my eyes, the idea came, and Wandering Mindfulness as a yoga apparel webshop was born.

I feel, by doing a webshop with yoga clothes can drive my passion and give me valuable lessons both in work and personal life. This is what I wish for: to find that passion which drives me to become a better myself and find true happiness. And this is what I wish for all of You!