The Tiny Beating Heart of Europe – Budapest


A small, hidden place in the central of Europe. Some people don’t even know, where to find or search for it. Some of them mix it up with another city whose name sounds similar. Now, it is time to find the tiny beating heart of Europe!

A Soup for The Soul in The Winter Cold


Nowadays, the internet is full of memes and one of the most popular is coming from Ned Stark of Game of Thrones: ‘Winter is coming…’ as he said. It is indeed, along with the cold it’s the season of sneezing, sniffing and getting ill. Of course, the best is prevention like dressing layered and well, taking vitamins, eating healthy, etc. But sometimes it’s too late, you sucked already, hit the bed with lack of energy, fever, you can’t see, breath nor speak articulately, you’re not even yourself. You hate it, don’t you? Okay, then let’s fix this!